5 Ways To Unlock A Door Without A Key

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5 Ways To Unlock A Door Without A Key, Learning the trick to unlock a door without a key is very handy and helpful in various situations. If you are locked out of your room because your key is broken, then in that scenario, if you know how to unlock a door, it would be useful. It is a cool skill you can learn, which would help in the fewer office and home lockouts.

5 Simple Ways to Unlock a Door

  • The simplest way to unlock a door is to use a credit card and mainly on spring locks as it does not work on deadbolts. The card can be forced between the frame and the lock, and it can be flushed against the frame. The card can be bent back, and in this way, the lock is forced back into the door. If there is no room between the frame and door above the lock, it is best to swipe quickly and downward. The card should be angled towards the door frame.
  • The second way that can be used on interior doors is by using a small screwdriver. It is an excellent method that works well on privacy handles, and if the door is locked, you can look for a small hole on the doorknob. The hole can be pushed with a paper clip hammered flat, an eyeglasses screwdriver, or a butter knife. The tool can be pushed straight through, and till you catch a grove, it can be turned, and the lock would open.
  • The third method is to Pick the lock, which is a little complicated method. The short end of an Allen wrench can be used in this procedure into the keyhole. However, little pressure must be applied for turning the lock slightly in the key direction. The pressure should be kept as steady as possible, and an unbent paperclip can also be used.
  • With the use of a flat head standard-sized screwdriver, the hinges can be removed, and it can be wedged between the pin and the bottom knuckle. The handle of the screwdriver can be tapped with a hammer and in a downward direction. The pin and head can be removed when it is loose enough.
  • The last step or method would be to thrash the lock with a hammer. It must be the last resort for you, but it would be better to contact a locksmith.

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