Mini Cooper Key and Ignition Replacement

Mini Cooper car key replacement in Brooklyn & Queens NY

mini cooper car key replacement

The premier choice for many locksmith services in Brooklyn is Mini Cooper smart keyless entry remote and Ignition replacement. Our team consists of certified and trained professional locksmiths providing outstanding services for business and home automotive applications. We strive to promote safety and protection for a variety of cars, models and makes. Additionally, we offer special services for Mini Cooper models.

Do you need an ignition replacement or a broken key extraction? Are you asking yourself, “Is there a car locksmith near me?” If so, allow our licensed locksmith team to get you out of your dire lock, key, and ignition problems using our variety of service offerings at amazing prices.

24 hr Emergency Mini Cooper Locksmith

Are you locked out of your car? No worries! We are adept at dealing with high-pressure situations, and we understand cutting corners is only going to make things worse, so we can help. 24/7 emergency locksmith services are one of our areas of expertise, as we go to extreme lengths to ensure your safety.

Our 24-hour locksmith service in NYC is your best bet in a crisis. Trust our team of experts for complete job satisfaction.

Are you suffering from key and ignition difficulties? This could put you in a position to search for these terms online:

  • Locksmith in NYC
  • Locksmith Brooklyn
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The difference in cities is just that. Rest assured that the quality of service is the same. All our mobile locksmiths and staff can stand up to scrutiny as the same training and certification are used throughout all locales.

If you have a particular issue and are unsure if we can help, give us a phone call, so we can remove all the doubts as a reliable locksmith company should.

Key cutting & remote programming

Locksmith services for Mini Cooper models vary from replacing lost car keys to ignition repair, transponder key programming, key FOB tasks, re-keying, and completing MINI car key replacement requirements upon your request.

Our mobile locksmith in Brooklyn and Queens can assist you with the following MINI car key replacement models:

  • MINI Coupe
  • MINI Convertible
  • MINI Hardtop
  • MINI Clubman
  • MNI Works
  • MINI Clubman

A useful tip for when keys become damaged is to seek a key replacement rather than a repair. Never use any adhesive to try to piece or hold the key together. There is no need to resurrect a damaged or bent key. This can only cause more problems with your ignition, which you do not need.


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2014 – 2018 Mini Cooper

2014 - 2018 Mini Cooper car key replacement



Buttons Info: L,U,P,T

Fits: Cooper (2014-2018)

2005 – 2008 Mini Cooper

2005 - 2008 Mini Cooper car key replacement


Keyway: HU92

Fits: Cooper (2005-2008)

2006 – 2013 Mini Cooper

2006 - 2013 Mini Cooper

Type #: Smart Key

FCC #: KR55WK49333, With Comfort Access

Buttons Info: L,U,T

Fits: Cooper (2006-2013)


While there are keys such as master keys and bump key that can open many locks, there are limitations to how they work. There is no single key that can open any lock it comes across. It is often best to obtain a new lock. You can count on us to retrieve your keys or change locks if need be.

There’s no need to panic, as we deal with locked keys in car ignitions too. If you lost your car keys and have no backup to use, a replacement is in order. A professional locksmith does not need the original to create a replacement. The keycodes needed are retained by the manufacturer, so your new car keys can be produced without the original. We can have your new car keys ready in no time.

With Locksmith Jet, a MINI car key replacement is much cheaper than what a dealership charge. Dealerships usually charge upwards of $500 for a car key replacement. Here at Locksmith Jet, we offer affordable car key replacement and you won’t have to go to the dealership since we are also a mobile locksmith service.