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BMW car key replacement in Brooklyn & Queens NY

bmw key and ignition

Servicing Brooklyn and Queens and the rest of the New York City Metro Area, we at Locksmith Jet are your trusted neighborhood lock-setters, key-makers, and general problem-solvers. We offer specialty auto locksmith services for BMW automobiles and can’t wait to put our expertise to good use by taking care of all your automotive locksmith needs. Automobile lock and key and ignition issues are already stressful enough — why add to your stress by hiring the wrong locksmith?

Everyone Needs a Locksmith in NYC They Can Count on

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NYC’s BMW Locksmith

They say that practice makes perfect, and we have practice and locksmithing skills in spades. We stand out against our competition for our exemplary service and lightning-fast response time and have earned the trust of long-time and newcomer Brooklyn and Queens residents alike.

Emergency BMW Locksmith Services

We take pride in our dedication to helping you out of tough and stressful situations at a moment’s notice.

  • Locked out of your car?
  • Can’t get into the trunk?
  • Key stuck in the ignition or refusing to turn?
  • BMW SmartKey
  • Key fob replacement
  • Duplicate car keys
  • BMW key programming
  • Need a car key battery

Car keys are complex and multifaceted devices, and they require a truly expert eye to address the huge variety of issues that may arise. Lucky for you, there’s no project too big or too small for Locksmith Jet!

Look at the no. 1 car keys made for domestic and foreign cars in NYC explains how to register a new BMW car key without a locksmith.

Avoid Expensive Tow Trucks

On-site, on-demand services can often save you from having to call in an unnecessary and exorbitantly priced towing service. Don’t wait to call your trusted locksmith car locksmith for superb service at a reasonable rate. We can even cut your new keys in many cases as you wait for a speedy and painless lock-out experience. This is why we have a 24-hour locksmith near me service all over NY. Lost car keys? BMW replacement car keys at the best price and service.

BMW ConnectedDrive NYC

Connect your BMW from everywhere! Get all the up-to-date info directly to your smartphone.

  • 3 / 5 Series Keyless Entry Remote cover
  • X5 Series keyless entry remote LX8FZV 6955750
  • Keyless Entry Remote Head key cover
  • 3 Series remote keyless entry YGOHUF5662 CAS4
  • Z4 Series Remote Keyless Entry Key Fobs and Smart Keys
  • BMW-05-315-CAS3
  • BMW-05-315-CAS4
  • Z8 Series remote keyless entry key

BMW Car Key Replacement Services & Costs in Brooklyn & Queens, NY

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you lost the keys to that fancy BMW X6 car you have? You have probably heard about the horror stories of car owners who have had to do the unimaginable to get their cars running again after losing their car keys. The most saddening part is that their extraordinary efforts usually cause more harm to their vehicles.

As a New Yorker, you are bound to lose your BMW M5 keys at one point or another of your ownership. You need not panic as we at Locksmith Jet have got you covered. We have licensed auto locksmiths that specialize in OEM car key replacement for all BMW models. Our team comprises top-notch automotive professionals with vast experience with BMW key replacements. You should know that there are three primary types of keys for modern BMW cars and we offer reliable replacements for all of them. These are;

BMW Transponder keys

Transponder BMW keys rely on immobilizer system communication to protect your car’s doors from being picked open and its ignition from being hotwired by criminals. The key sends a distinct signal to the car’s immobilizer, allowing the doors to be opened and the ignition turned on. Although it seems straightforward, this is a complicated process – especially for a luxury brand like a BMW that goes an extra mile to make its cars more secure.

As a result of this complexity, it’s pretty challenging to get a transponder BMW key replacement right. At Brooklyn Locksmith Jet, we have a team of highly trained and educated locksmiths with the expertise and high-tech devices to handle the complexities of a BMW transponder key. Moreover, we are the only automotive locksmiths that can cut and program BMW transponder keys in Brooklyn and Queens.

Given our prime position in the BMW transponder keys replacement market, you might think that our prices are out of your reach. Our services are pretty affordable, and you can get a BMW key replacement for as low as $199, but the amount may increase depending on the complexities of your specific BMW model. Call us now, and we’ll tell you the exact pricing for your specific BMW model.

Remote head BMW keys

BMW was among the trailblazing car brands to introduce the remote head keys to the automotive market. These keys offer more functionality than transponder keys are they allow for remote locking and unlocking of all the doors and the trunk. More advanced remote head keys are capable of opening or closing all windows and the sunroof.

Taking the riches of their functionality into account, replacing OEM remote head key that works as excellently as those provided by the manufacturer requires more than basic locksmith training. Programing these key replacements can be very challenging without extensive experience and the proper equipment.

At Locksmith Jet, we work with European programming devices capable of programming remote head keys for German cars like BMW for years, and we are among the few local locksmiths to do so in the five boroughs of New York. Call us, and you can have your BMW remote head key replacement starting at $225 and might go higher for select BMW models and years.

Comfort access BMW smart keys

There is no simplified manifestation better than its elegant comfort access smart keys when defining BMW as a luxury brand. These keys feature bleeding-edge design and technology that has solidified BMW’s name as a pioneer in the automotive industry. It has a touchscreen that allows you to interact with your key fob like a smartphone. You can also use the touchscreen to drive your car front and back while outside and set your AC to the perfect temperature while parking numerous other functionalities.

Though your current BMW might not have this comfort access smart key, your next BMW might have it. Although these keys are a relatively new technology, we have already gotten around to offering reliable key replacements for them. Seeking an OEM car key replacement for this key from your dealer can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks, and your car might have to be towed to the dealership. Call Locksmith Jet for smart key replacement same-day service starting cost of $299.

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BMW's Push Start


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bmw-1475 nyc
BMW Locksmith for NYC

SKU: BMW-1475


OE #: Red Trim, OEM


OEM Refurb – This is 433MHZ, please verify

Insert Key Included

3-Series (2009-2018)
5-Series (2009-2018)
7-Series (2013-2018)
2-Series (2014-2015)
4-Series (2014-2015)
6-Series (2009-2015)
X3 (2013-2017)
X3 (2015-2018)

bmw car key nyc
Locksmiths NYC

SKU: BMW-1452


OE #: 66-12-9-268-486

Buttons Info: L,U,T


This is for models with Comfort Access (NON-SLOT)

Insert Key included

Part # 6612986583


5-Series (2004-2011)
3-Series (2006-2011)
Z4 (2009-2011)
X6 (2008-2014)
X1 (2014-2015)
X5 (2007-2013)
M3 (2008-2011)
6-Series (2006-2010)
M6 (2007-2010)

bmw z8 nyc

2001 – 2003 BMW Z8





2 Track EWS

3-Series (2000-2005)
5-Series (2004-2005)
6-Series (2004-2005)
X3 (2003-2009)
X5 (2000-2006)
Z4 (2003-2009)
Z8 (2001-2003)

2009 – 2018 BMW 3-Series

2009 - 2018 BMW 3-Series nyc



OE #: Aftermarket, 315MHZ


Aftermarket Smart Key for BMW CAS4+, FEM, and EWS5 systems

3-Series (2009-2018)
5-Series (2009-2017)
7-Series (2009-2014)
2-Series (2014-2015)
4-Series (2014-2015)
6-Series (2009-2015)
X3 (2013-2017)
X4 (2015-2018)

2013 – 2018 BMW 3-Series

2013 - 2018 BMW 3-Series nyc

SKU: BMW-1488


3-Series (2013-2018)
5-Series (2013-2018)
7-Series (2013-2018)



Refurbished OEM.  433MHZ Please Verify


bmw key fob
BMW Car Key Cutting and Programming

We can perform virtually any automotive locksmith services in NYC for BMW cars that could possibly arise! 24-hour Locksmith at your service, common problems that we take care of include:

  • Damaged fobs or car keys
  • Locked glove box or center console
  • Key stuck in ignition
  • Locksmith car keys
  • Car key programming
  • BMW display key
  • Locked out of car
  • Unlock car door
  • Car key remote
  • Car key copy
  • Locked out of trunk
  • Replacement keys or duplicate keys
  • Master keys for automobile fleets

Whatever you need, call on our mobile Locksmith Jet for honest and reliable automotive locksmith services in Brooklyn and Queens. We are proud to lead the locksmith for cars industry in the greater NY area. For any vehicle, we are your car key maker!

We offer locksmith services for BMW models new and old, and for any trim level. Here at Locksmith Jet, we are well acquainted with all types of cars, from vintage to modern. This includes:

  • X1 Sports Activity Vehicle (X1 xDrive28i, X1 sDrive28i)
bmw ny locksmith
The best NY Locksmith for BMW
  • X2 Sports Activity Coupe (X2 xDrive28i, X2 M35i, X2 sDrive28i)
BMW Locksmith in NYC
BMW Key Fob
  • X3 Sports Activity Vehicle (X3 xDrive30e,X3 xDrive30i, X3 M40i, X3 sDrive30i)
  • X3 M Sports Activity Vehicle (X3 M)
  • X4 Sports Activity Coupe (X4 xDrive30i, X4 M40i)
  • X4 M Sports Activity Coupe® (X4 M)
  • X5 Sports Activity Vehicle (X5 xDrive40i, X5 M50i, X5 xDrive45e, X5 sDrive40i)
  • X5 M Sports Activity Vehicle (X5 M)
  • X6 Sports Activity Coupe (X6 xDrive40i, X6 M50i, X6 sDrive40i)
  • X6 M Sports Activity Coupe (X6 M, X6 M Competition)
  • X7 Sports Activity Vehicle (X7 xDrive40i, X7 M50i, ALPINA XB7)
  • 3 Series Sedan (330i xDrive Sedan, M340i xDrive Sedan, 330e xDrive Sedan, 330i Sedan, M340i Sedan, 330e Sedan)
  • 5 Series Sedan (530i xDrive Sedan, 530e xDrive Sedan, 540i xDrive Sedan, M550i xDrive Sedan, 530i Sedan, 530e Sedan, 540i Sedan)
  • 7 Series Sedan (740i xDrive Sedan, 745e xDrive, 750i xDrive Sedan, M760i xDrive Sedan, ALPINA B7 xDrive, 740i Sedan)
  • M5 Sedan (M5 Sedan)
  • i3 Sedan (BMW i3, BMW i3s, BMW i3 with Range Extender, BMW i3s with Range Extender)
  • Plus Coupes, Gran Coupes, Convertibles, and Roadsters!

A BMW car key replacement starts at $200. I locked my keys in my car, what to do? No worries. Our skilled car locksmith services are available anytime 24-hour a day, anywhere in the New York City Metro Area. For any automotive locksmith needs, day or night, rain or shine, call our trusted locksmiths at 718-502-9211.

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BMW's remote key