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Lincoln – Car Keys and Ignitions

Our locksmith services for Lincoln vehicles go beyond replacing lost car keys and helping unlock your car when you’re locked out. Our locksmiths are also equipped to deal with issues with the key fob itself: We can replace damaged or nonresponding key fobs or reprogram your key fob with a new code that will work with your vehicle. We can also fix issues with the ignition itself, no matter what model Lincoln you drive.

Lincoln’s Key Fob Programming

If you want to change locks or get new car keys with current cars, it’s no longer as simple or cheap as carving a new key. Many modern Lincolns don’t use a key to start the ignition at all, and the ones that do are still electronic. Modern car key fobs are programmed only to start your vehicle. Replacing a key fob requires access to the codes necessary to reprogram it. To prevent theft, all luxury cars, from Lincoln to Mercedes-Benz, use different types of code; most run-of-the-mill locksmiths don’t have access to them, and therefore cannot replace or reprogram key fobs. This access sets us apart and makes us a reliable solution to almost any car key problem.

Who We Are

Locksmith Jet the best automotive locksmith in the New York metropolitan area and has been trusted for years to fix just about any key fob or ignition problem faster than the competition. All of our locksmiths are specially trained with the most up-to-date technology that allows us to get your car up and run in no time.

What We Do

We offer industry-leading service that will have you back on the road in a flash. Each car locksmith is trained to deal with any number of Lincoln ignition issues. If you have a broken key in the ignition or if your key fob is no longer responding, all you have to do is call us. We guarantee that we’ll be there to get you back on track faster than the competition.

We Can Help 24/7 Emergency Locksmith

Convenience is nice, but safety is our top priority, which is why we are available 24 hours a day for any emergency or non-emergency service. We serve the entire Queens and Brooklyn areas, so you can call us and have fast service wherever you are.

Nothing is more nerve-wracking than being stuck outside of your car in the middle of the night or your key fob not responding, leaving you without a way to start your car when you’re in an unfamiliar part of town. Just one phone call will get you out of a potentially unsafe situation as quickly as possible.

Call us today if you have any issues using your Lincoln car key fob. We’ll make sure your key and ignition are working and have you back on the road in no time.

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Lincoln Ignition & Keys NYC

Grand Marquis
Mark IV
Mark LT
Mark Series
Mark VII
Town Car

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2011 – 2012 Lincoln Mark LT CWTWB1U793

2011 - 2012 Lincoln Mark nyc
2011 – 2012 Lincoln Mark LT CWTWB1U793 Key Programming

Type #: Remote Head Key


Buttons Info: L,U,P,RS

Fits: Mark LT (2011-2012), MKS (2010-2010), MKZ (2011-2013)

2013 – 2016 Lincoln MKS

2013 - 2016 Lincoln MKS NYC
24 H Lincoln Locksmith in NYC

Type #: Smart Key

FCC #: M3N5WY8610,M3N5WY8609

Buttons Info: L,U,T,P,RS

Fits: MKS (2013-2016), MKT (2013-2020), MKX (2011-2015), Navigator (2014-2017)

Lincoln Nautilus

Lincoln remote and key nyc
Affordable Lincoln Key and Remote Programming

Type #: Smart Key

FCC #: M3N-A2C931426

Fits: Corsair (2020-2020), Aviator (2020-2020), Navigator (2020-2020), Nautilus (2020-2020)



We specialize in fixing problems related to the car key fob and ignition systems of almost all Lincoln vehicles. Issues we have experience solving include:

  • Re-keying
  • Ignition repair
  • Ignition replacement
  • Transponder key programming
  • Broken key
  • Key extraction

Our locksmiths are able to fix issues with almost any Lincoln model. We offer car key fob. services for Lincoln models: Continental, Navigator, MKZ, Aviator, Corsair, MKC, Nautilus, MKT, MKZ Hybrid, Navigator L, MKX, MKS, Mark LT, Blackwood, Town Car, Lincoln LS, Versailles and Mark X.

We are on call for any 24/7 emergency locksmith service in the Brooklyn and Queens areas.

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