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When an ignition won’t turn, or a key becomes stuck all of a sudden, some people’s first instinct may be to call a mechanic. However, a mechanic likely won’t be able to provide you immediate assistance, and you’ll probably have to get your car towed. You can avoid a tow and a lengthy wait by getting help right away with Locksmith Jet’s affordable Brooklyn ignition service. An experienced technician can meet you at your car and repair or replace your ignition onsite. The technician will preform a car key replacement or remote programming. For help with mobile ignition repair Brooklyn NY and the surrounding area, make Locksmith Jet your first call, your New York locksmith!

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There are several key benefits of using Locksmith Jet’s mobile ignition repair for affordable Brooklyn ignition services:

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Don’t Delay Repairing an Unreliable Ignition Switch

If your ignition switch has started acting finicky, don’t delay in getting help from professional car ignition repair services. A failing electrical ignition switch can cause one or more systems in your car to stop working without warning. Depending on the position that the key was in when the electrical failure occurred, you may be unable to move the key at all. This type of problem can occur while trying to start your parked car, or it could cause you to be suddenly unable to move your vehicle while you’re operating it on the road. Mobile ignition repair professionals save you from constantly having to worry about ignition troubles when you’re trying to start your car or an emergency while you’re on the road that could cause an accident.

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Car ignition services

Handle a Lockout With Minimal Worry

Almost everybody has mistakenly locked their keys in the car at one point or another. While it’s an unfortunate situation, it’s not as hopeless as it seems at the moment that it happens. There’s little difference between locking your keys in your home and locking your keys in your car. Don’t get upset; Locksmith Jet can get your door open and help you get back on the road quickly.

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Forgot Keys in your car's keyhole? Locksmith Jet is on the way!

Keep a Duplicate Set of Keys for Yourself at Home

Having an extra set of keys can be a lifesaver when you’re short on time. If you’re running late and you can’t find your keys when you’re trying to make it out the door, you’re probably going to be even more late. That rushed feeling of despair gets worse with every minute that you can’t find your keys, and it can set a terrible tone when you’re trying to start your day. Spare yourself from a frantic key hunt by having an extra set of keys at the ready.

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Car Key Duplication
Car Key Duplication Services in NY


Yes, locksmith New York City can duplicate car keys that have a chip instead of a traditional key structure. We can also provide replacement transponders that operate your locks and alarm system.

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Copy key from a broken original

Laser-cut keys are made of a thicker material than a regular key, and they’re less susceptible to damage. They have more than one layer of the ridges that make a key work in a lock, and they extend throughout the length of the key. They’re more difficult to copy, and the locks that they fit cannot be breached easily.

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Laser key cutting services
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Reliable and fast car lockout service

You may have seen somebody open a car door in a movie by sliding something through the window, but this outdated depiction of car theft doesn’t really work in most newer vehicles. If you try to pry a door open from the window, you may risk the object getting stuck; you could also damage the locking mechanism or inadvertently deactivate your power window controls.

Make Sharing a Car Easier With Spare Keys

Having to share car keys can create confusion, and it could make it hard to find them when you need to use them right away. Getting an extra set made will spare you from having to transfer keys when somebody needs to use the car, and you’ll be able to keep all of your important keys on the same ring permanently. Giving an extra set of keys to a newly licensed driver in your family is an excellent way to commemorate the occasion and instill responsibility. We are operating our locksmith new your city service 24-hour every day.

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Get a spare car key