Lexus Key and Ignition Replacement

Lexus Car Key Replacement in Brooklyn & Queens NY

Lexus car key replacement

Our professional and experienced locksmiths team has provided effective car lockout services for numerous years in the New York City Metro Area. In these years, we have performed endless ignition replacement and ignition repair services, developed new car keys for clients who had lost car keys, conducted broken key extraction, and produced keyless entry remote and re-keying services. Due to our outstanding experience, we can develop specialized solutions that fit your exact needs.

Our Locksmith Services for Lexus Models in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan 

When seeking our services, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what the problem is, we can solve it! We stand out against our competitors for various reasons. Our customized services and lightning-quick response time do us the go-to automotive locksmith service in the New York Metro Area.

Lexus – Car Keys and Ignitions

We understand that having a faulty ignition or lock system is incredibly frustrating and stressful. Our goal is never to add to this stress. It’s for this reason that we design our services to be as stress-free and effective as possible.

In addition to this, we also understand that no problem is the same. The conditions surrounding your automotive issue are never alike, which means that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t going to cut it. That’s why our car locksmith services at Locksmith Jet are designed to fit your exact needs.

We Can Help: 24/7 Emergency Locksmith 

Whether you’re locked out of your car or your ignition won’t work, we can come and assist you. It also doesn’t matter when this occurs because we offer a 24/7 emergency locksmith service.

We do this because we understand that automotive problems can arise at any time. Our goal in providing this automotive locksmith service on a 24/7 basis is to help you get back into your Lexus vehicle with the least amount of hassle when problems like this arise.

Services for Lexus Models:

Our incredible line of expertise has allowed us to bring efficient solutions to a variety of different problems. It’s because of this that we have the knowledge and experience to work on any Lexus vehicles. We take great pride in our ability to offer solutions for the following problems.

  • A new Lexus car key battery.
  • You can’t get into the trunk of your Lexus vehicle.
  • Keyless entry remote that’s equipped for a Lexus.
  • A Lexus car key fob replacement.
  • You’re locked out of your Lexus vehicle.
  • New car keys for your Lexus vehicle.
  • Your Lexus key is stuck in the ignition, refuses to turn, or the push to start function isn’t working.
  • Lexus ignition repair or ignition replacement.

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Lexus Car Key Replacement Cost

The Lexus brand is a formidable one in the luxury car market. Even though it falls under the Toyota umbrella, it has retained its reliability and quality design reputation. Lexus owners can expect a much higher quality when it comes to car performance, interior design, and their key system.

It is a favorite choice for New York residents, and our Lexus automotive locksmith Brooklyn technicians have had the pleasure of being the first choice for many when it comes to making new or replacement keys for their cars.

Dealers will often ask for astronomical prices, but our services are guaranteed to make better economic sense while providing the same quality service. Wherever you may be located among New York’s five boroughs, you can rely on us to get to you and deliver the best locksmith service in time and right on time. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding Lexus key replacement procedures.

Transponder Key Replacement Service

Although the Lexus is Japanese in origin, it has become a firm favorite within the American market. The original 1989 designs did not come with transponder key systems. Still, it was very quickly adopted, meaning that most Lexus cars you will encounter nowadays will have smart keys or transponder keys, with the traditional metal key being relegated to the class of relics.

Whatever system your car has in place, Locksmith Jet specialists are ready to help you with any locksmith needs you might run into. The vast array of key blanks we keep handy means that you will receive a ready replacement in a quick time.

The majority of our clients will receive a response to their service calls within an hour, with all being able to expect same-day service no matter how remote their location or how rare their car key systems may be. Depending on your Lexus’s year and model and how far your location might be, our starting price is as little as $99 for our transponder key cutting service.

Lexus Remote Head Key Programming and Cutting

The remote head metal key was adopted by Lexus way ahead of most car manufacturing companies. This two-in-one design made it much more convenient for car owners who previously had to carry cumbersome keys and alarm attachments around.

The Lexus remote key you use will have 3 to 5 buttons. Our services include programming flip or remote keys for your vehicle at the low cost of $150. This is the starting price for older models, but it will always be a bargain compared to the towing expense you will likely incur and the dealer prices for the same service.

Push-to-Start Lexus Smart Key Replacement

The Lexus brand was among the first adopters of push-to-start technology, which means that our Brooklyn locksmiths know everything there is to know, thanks to our advanced equipment. Keyless entry systems have become the norm nowadays, and our smart key specialists are always ready to help you with any emergency replacement needs that may find you.

Smart key fobs have some formidable technological and radio communication capacities running in the background of their simple appearance. This translates to an involving programming process for the complex systems in place.

With the right tools and experience, however, programming a new key fob becomes a simple matter. Our Lexus specialist will only need about 15 to 30 minutes to complete the task of programming a new Lexus smart key fob.

Emergencies aren’t planned, so whatever time of day you require a local locksmith, you can call us up with complete confidence that we’ll be there right away, whether it’s right before you go to work or if it’s late at night after a party.

With prices starting from as low as $189, you can be sure that we’ll give you a better deal than any car dealership out there. Certain factors are considered, such as distance, Lexus model, and year, but we’re always willing to come to the best terms with our clients, so don’t hesitate to make the call. You won’t regret it!

lexus ignition replacement
Lexus Ingnition Replacement in Queens

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Flip Key
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Horseshoe Blade
Ignition Lock
Ilco Plastic Head Key
Ilco Transponder
keyless entry
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Transponder Keys By Model

2013 – 2018 Lexus ES350 HYQ14FBA

lexus programmin brooklyn
Lexus programming key FOB NY

OE #: 89904-30A31

Type #: Smart Key


Fits: GS450H (2013-2016), GS350 (2013-2020), ES350 (2013-2018), ES300H (2013-2018), GS200t (2016-2017)

2019 – 2019 Lexus NXH HYQ14FBA

lexus car key replacment brooklyn
Lexus key fab Queens

OE #: 89904-78670

Type #: Smart Key


Fits: NXH (2019-2019)

2018 – 2020 Lexus ES350

Lexus car key replacment ny
Lexus key transponder ny

OE #: 8990H-06010

Type #: Smart Key


Fits: ES350 (2018-2020), ES300h (2019-2020), ES350h (2019-2020), LS500 (2019-2020), LS500h (2019-2020)


A broken car key can be repaired. However, this is highly dependent on the condition of the broken key and the vehicle model, and many other features. Yet, if you have broken your key, the locksmiths at Locksmith Jet have the expertise to either repair or replace the broken key.

Yes, ignition switches are being programmed to electronic keys to provide additional safety and security. This offers a push to start feature, and a transponder key programming is going to start the car after the key as successfully been programmed.

A new lock cylinder for your ignition does come with a new set of keys. However, you’re going to need to use your original key to open your car’s doors and trunk. Otherwise, you can change locks on your doors and truck to match your ignition’s new lock cylinder.

lexus car key replacement nyc
Lexus Key FOB Programming Brooklyn