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Need Help with a Home Lockout? Let Locksmith Jet be your residential locksmith. We proudly serve the areas of Brooklyn and Queens. We offer the best residential locksmith service in the area. Our residential locksmith promises to provide professional, quality service to your home. So if you need a pop a lock cost, a lock change, 24-hour Locksmith at your service!

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The locksmiths at Locksmith Jet are trained in all areas of residential door and lock needs. Hire our locksmiths to install residential door locks. We can help you determine the best avenue of protection inside and outside your home.

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There are many situations in which you may need the services of a locksmith, and at Locksmith Jet we want to prove to you why we should be your go-to locksmith for all your security needs.

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Broken key extraction

Different Types of Locks for the Home

If you aren’t sure what type of lock set is right for the door you need secured, here are some of the different types of locks we offer and install at Locksmith Jet.

Mortise Locks Set

Mortise locks are heavy duty and are typically used in commercial buildings for doors that are utilized often. These locks are not a simple cylindrical style lock. They have many different parts, including inside and outside levers, as well as trim plates that are placed on both sides of the door. Mortise lock sets do not come pre-assembled so must be pieced together on site.

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Mortise Lock Services

Top Guard Locks

These locks are made to be burglar proof, as the MUL-T-Lock Rim Cylinder is hidden behind a steel plate and decorative cover plate. Top Guard locks offer drill resistant and high-security protection from outside danger.

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Top Guard Installation

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are a good choice for exterior doors. They require a key to activate the bolt housed within the lock set. Deadbolts are considered to be jimmy proof locks as they can’t be opened with a credit card or other slim and firm product. Deadbolt locks come as single cylinder and double cylinder. The single cylinder has one keyhole on the outside, while the double cylinder requires a key on both sides.

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Deadbolt Services

Spring Bolt Locks

Spring bolt locks are equipped with a small internal clip. Engagement of a key will move the pins in the cylinder causing the clip to compress so the bolt is slid back to release the door. Once the door is closed behind the entrant, the spring releases again causing the door to lock. These types of locks are typically found on the room doors of hotels.

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Spring Bolt Service

Doorknob and Hand Lever Locks

These types of knobs and levers are typically used for bedrooms and bathrooms. While they can be locked from inside the room, they do not commonly come keyed. This is because there is no reason to prevent access when the room is unoccupied. Keyed doorknob locks would typically be used for exterior doors, but the drawback to these types of locks is they are not jimmy proof locks. For exterior doors, they should be used in combination with a deadbolt lock.

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Doorknob Services in NYC

Barrel Bolt

This lock has a sliding bolt for use on the inside of a door. One side of the lock will be placed on the door frame and the other goes on the door. These locks are for added safety and can be installed high to help prevent small children from wandering.

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Barrel Lock - Add Security

Chain Locks

These are the locks that allow you to open the door a few inches before the chain prevents further opening. Their use is primarily for answering a door to see who is present. The door will have to be closed again and the chain latch released before the door can be completely opened.

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Chain Lock for Home

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks don’t require a key to unlock them. They utilize a keypad or card to unlock the door. These types of locks can be made to automatically lock the door behind the user.

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Electronic lock repair

Smart Locks 

As smart homes are growing in popularity, so is the smart lock. The user uses a smartphone as a key, allowing your home to be locked and unlocked from anywhere in the world.

Contact our locksmith in Brooklyn if you need door locks or padlocks that will redefine security coverage at your home.

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Smart Lock Installation

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