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If you live in Brooklyn, NY, you probably know by now that there are tens if not hundreds of locksmith services. Each is claiming to be the best, cheapest and fastest.

The truth is that they are all pretty much about the same. Mobile locksmiths can all open a car door usually within 10 minutes, some faster than others depending on the skill of their locksmith technicians and how many people they have working that day.

Some locksmiths will try to scare you by saying that they are the only ones in Brooklyn, NY, who can rekey, cut a key, or program a key fob for your particular make and model car. They lie.

Every professional locksmith can handle these types of jobs if they say otherwise, and chances are you had already called around to 5 other professional locksmiths before them and told them what your situation is.

We hope you are just as “safe”

Brooklyn Locksmith Jet

You’re probably asking how Locksmith Jet is any different? Well, with over a decade of experience as a locksmith in Brooklyn, NY, our licensed locksmith technicians can complete specific tasks that others can’t in the same service area.

Car key replacement near me

If you call a Brooklyn locksmith for a car key replacement, consider that they cannot service every vehicle. In some instances, we even receive calls from other locksmiths in Fulton Ferry and Highland Park asking for our professional advice and assistance.

Most locksmiths in New York City provide a car locksmith service for car makes such as:

Our professional locksmiths in Brooklyn, NY, are also capable of providing emergency locksmith services for car makes such as:

European cars can be tricky because of their high-security transponder key systems. The locksmithing equipment and tools needed for key fob programming cost between $50,000-$70,000 and require years of knowledge and experience to ensure the keys work perfectly.

So if you find yourself in need of emergency services for car keys in neighborhoods like Carroll Gardens, Fort Hamilton, or Vinegar Hill, don’t waste time and call us immediately for fast locksmith service.

Audi car key replacement

Audi keys are even more challenging to replace than other keys because Audi has built-in anti-theft protection.

It is called the “Immobilizer System.” The system works by requiring a chip in the key. If it does not detect the chip, then you will not be able to start your car.

The only way to get your Audi started again is by having the key reprogrammed by an automotive locksmith in Brooklyn, NY, or at the Audi dealership in Sunset Park.

BMW car key replacement

Like many European cars, BMWs are equipped with a transponder chip in the key. If the immobilizer system cannot recognize the key, then your vehicle will not start.

For your convenience, our Bay Ridge locksmiths carry special equipment to reprogram your key so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Mercedes car key replacement

Mercedes keys follow the same principle as other European cars. If you lose your key or are stolen, you will need to either get a new key made at one of their dealerships or get it programmed by an automotive locksmith in Brooklyn, NY.

The dealership in Bath Beach can program the key, but on top of that, you must have the car towed to their service department. You can avoid this cost by having our Mercedes locksmith reprogram your current key or create a new one for you.

VW car key replacement

Another German car that requires special equipment is Volkswagen. Just like most other European cars, Volkswagen keys contain a transponder chip.

When you call us for Volkswagen locksmith services in East Flatbush, one of our experienced technicians will come to your vehicle and insert the new key so you can drive it home.

Volvo car key replacement

Volvo has been around for over a century, and over the years, they’ve made subtle changes to their security system. All Volvo keys contain a transponder chip, and all models made after 1998 require special equipment to program the keyless entry remote.

Our Fort Greene Locksmith technicians carry all of this equipment on our service trucks so we can get your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Porsche car key replacement

Porsche has built high-quality security into their cars. That is why all Porsche keys contain a transponder chip. If the key isn’t recognized, then you won’t be able to start your vehicle.

A car key replacement through a dealership near Manhattan Beach will cost you between $600-$1,000, including a car tow. You can avoid this high cost by getting your current key programmed or creating a new one with the help of a licensed locksmith in Brooklyn, NY.

Ferrari car key replacement

During the last few years, Ferrari has been taking steps to combat the thefts of their vehicles. In fact, they have been having many issues with professional car thieves stealing these expensive vehicles from various locations in New York City.

The new Ferrari key technology has taken security measures to the next level. All new cars use a “fixed code” transponder system, which means that not every automotive locksmith in Brooklyn, NY, can reprogram your key.

Lamborghini car key replacement

Many people dream about owning their own Lamborghini, but they are extremely expensive and hard to come by. Unfortunately, if you own one and lose your keys, you should expect to pay a high price for a new one.

The good news is that all keyless entry remotes contain a transponder chip and the necessary equipment to reprogram them. If you are locked out of your Lamborghini or lose your keyless remote, give us a call for an urgent locksmith service in Brooklyn, NY, New York City, and West Queens.

What to do if car keys are stolen?

Many people who drive expensive vehicles like Mercedes, BMWs, and Audis are prime targets for car thieves. German cars are tough to steal; however, it’s essential to take precautions before something happens. We strongly recommend that you call NYPD immediately as well as your insurance company.

Here are four ways you can protect your vehicle against theft:

  • Always lock your doors, even if the car is parked inside the garage of your home.
  • Install an alarm system to prevent criminals from taking your keyless remote and stealing your vehicle.
  • Keep your keys secure at all times, preferably on a key chain that you can take with you.
  • When it comes to protecting your car against thieves, the only thing better than an alarm is a blade-resistant steering wheel lock like the Club steering wheel lock. These devices make it impossible for criminals to get in or start your vehicle.

Locksmith in Brooklyn, NY reviews

We are more than proud to say that our locksmith services helped thousands of car owners for over a decade in Brooklyn, NY, New York City, Queens, The Bronx, and Long Island, NY. Here is what some of our customers had to say about our locksmith services.

I had my 2015 Mercedes S550 car key reprogrammed by a Brooklyn locksmith called locksmith jet, and it was a fair price and a smooth process. They had my car running in no time!-Philip H.

2019 Audi A8 keyless fob programming South Park Slope

I had my 2019 Audi A8 key programed by Joe from locksmith jet. He arrived within 20 minutes and worked on my car for over an hour. He was also cheaper than the Audi dealership by $250.-Richard A.

Car locksmith near me Ditmas Park

I needed a car locksmith near me to fix a malfunctioning car key ignition. I was referred by a friend and called Locksmith Jet immediately. The locksmith arrived in 20 minutes to Ditmas Park, repaired the ignition quickly, and charged a very affordable price! – Cody R.

Lost car key in Columbia Street Waterfront District

I lost my 2018 BMW X5 key at work, and I was really frustrated. Luckily, a friend told me that Locksmith Jet does onsite service, so I called them. They had a technician at my workplace in under 30 minutes and cut me a new key for a fair price.-Brandon M.

Car ignition switch replacement East New York

I can’t say enough about the customer service I received when I called for locksmith services in Brooklyn, NY. The person answering my call was very polite and informative. The technician arrived at my home within 30 minutes of placing the call and courteously saw all of the business.-Tim W.

Car key duplication Marine Park

They had my car back on the road in no time. Now I even have a spare key at work, so I never have to worry about being locked out again!-Rachel B.

Car locksmith near me Bergen Beach

I had been locked out of my car for a few hours with no success from the dealership. I tried not to panic and called around for a locksmith. I wanted one who was near me and had a good reputation. I found Locksmith Jet, and a technician came in 30 minutes after I made the call. He was friendly, knew his stuff, and gave me fast service. It was affordable and convenient with no extra fees added on as some other places do. I would recommend them anytime! – John N.

Key stuck in the ignition Brooklyn Navy Yard

I finished my shift at Rooftop Reds in Brooklyn Navy Yard when my car key got stuck in the ignition. I tried turning it multiple times, but it wasn’t moving. I didn’t know what to do since I had no idea how to get my key unstuck. So I found locksmith jet online and called for help, and they picked up after the first ring! The locksmith was so friendly, and he told me not to worry about anything. He was able to extract the key and make a new one in an instant. I was on my way home in less than an hour! -Julie L.

Car key replacement near me Borough Park

I was looking for an auto locksmith near me to make a new car key copy for my 2013 Toyota Sienna. The problem was that it was 2 AM, and the first couple of locksmiths I called didn’t answer. Finally, Joe from locksmith jet responded to my call and came out within 25 minutes to my house in Borough Park. It took him ten minutes to make two new keys at affordable prices, which were much cheaper than the dealership next to Mill Basin. I appreciate your help! – Joshua H.

Emergency locksmith services Brighton Beach

I lost my car key during a business trip and was not sure what to do. I called Locksmith Jet. They were accommodating and were able to solve my problem by providing me with a new key. I highly recommend this company!-Sarah C.

Auto locksmith near me Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn

I bought a 2021 Land Rover Range Rover, and after only four months, the car key stopped working, and right when I was outside of Autozone on Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn. The dealership on East Williamsburg told me it would take at least five days to get a car key replacement crazy, right? I called a few locksmiths near me, and everyone but one said they don’t work on Land Rover models. Locksmith Jet was the only one that could actually get the job done. Luckily, they had a technician in Ocean Parkway, so I didn’t wait for more than five minutes. They gave me fair prices over the phone and completed the job in less than an hour. – Richard G.

Car replacement keys Crown Heights

I was with my kids at Brower skate park on St Marks Ave, Brooklyn, and with my luck, I locked keys in the car so we couldn’t drive back home. Thankfully, locksmith jet sent a technician over from Cobble Hill, and he opened the door in less than five minutes. – Amanda L.

Car locksmith Sheepshead Bay

I was just about to leave for work when my car key broke in the ignition. I wasn’t sure who to call, so I checked online and found Locksmith Jet. The technician came really quickly since he was local in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, and it took him less than ten minutes to replace the key. The price was also significantly less than the dealership’s service fee. I would recommend this company to everyone! – Emily N.

Emergency locksmith service Boerum Hill

It was the 4th of July, and my car key broke in the ignition, so I put a call out through Facebook, and Locksmith Jet responded immediately. The representative told me that someone could be there in about 15 minutes, and they came through. The locksmith, Steve, was very good at his job, and the price he charged me was a lot less than what dealerships around City Line had quoted me. -Alice B.

Key stuck in the ignition South Park Slope

I locked my keys inside my car when I went to go grocery shopping. It was one of those old model cars with the short, stubby keys, and it took a locksmith longer to get inside than usual, but he eventually got me back on my way! The price was fair, and I would recommend this company to anyone.-Lily L.

Car ignition repair Prospect Heights

My key stopped working, and I needed fast help. This locksmith company was the only one that answered their phone and got to me quickly. The locksmith was able to fix the ignition in less than 30 minutes, and the price was reasonable – Alexandra F.

Emergency car locksmith service Sea Gate

I locked my car keys in my car when I went to the grocery store. It was one of those old model cars with the short, stubby keys, and it took a locksmith longer to get inside than usual, but he eventually got me back on my way! The price was fair, and I would recommend this company to anyone.-David R.

Residential Locksmith Brooklyn, NY

Locksmith Jet provides the most reliable and affordable residential locksmith services in New York City, including Brooklyn. We know that you may require the assistance of a locksmith at any time and need an immediate solution to your security problems.

We provide around-the-clock locksmith service in Brooklyn, NY, and the surrounding areas within minutes of calling us at 347-997-6970.

24 Hr emergency services

Our team of highly trained technicians has all the tools and skills necessary to help you with your home security lock needs. Whether you’re locked out of your apartment in Clinton Hill, need new locks for your home in Prospect Park South, or lost the keys to your car in Ocean Hill.

Locked out of House Windsor Terrace

I was looking for a mobile locksmith near me that could be reliable and quick to respond after being locked out of my house in Windsor Terrace. A technician came in 30 minutes after I called them, which was fantastic since it’s always an emergency when you get locked out of your house! The locksmith was skilled and knew how to work fast without damaging the front door lock.

Emergency lockout service Prospect Lefferts Gardens

I locked my keys outside of my apartment building and had to wait an hour for the landlord to get home and let me in. After waiting for about 30 minutes, I called Locksmith Jet, and they arrived in 20 minutes. – James F.

Commercial locksmith Greenwood Heights

I recently purchased a commercial space in Greenwood Heights and needed to get the locks replaced. I called Locksmith Jet on a Sunday night, they answered right away and said they’ll have someone come out first thing Monday morning. The technician arrived according to schedule, quickly did all the work required, and ensured everything was working correctly before leaving. – Frank C.

Commercial door locks Downtown Brooklyn

We were looking to replace our 30-year-old Mul-T-lock with a new one. Locksmith Jet installed a new master key system in our business. It saved us time and money, as they came to our location in 45 minutes with several different styles of locksets that they could accommodate our needs. We are pleased customers! – Michelle B.

Commercial door lock change Brooklyn Heights

I recently relocated my business from Queens to Brooklyn and needed a locksmith immediately to replace a door lock. Locksmith Jet came out super fast, replaced both mortise locks, and even gave me a discount I never asked for! – Tim D.

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