How To Fix A Loose Door Knob?

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How To Fix A Loose Door Knob? It is not at all difficult to fix a loose doorknob. Certain steps must be followed to easily adjust the doorknob, which mainly changes the handle’s style. Many skilled locksmith services are available easily these days, and that respond rapidly to request made by customers. The locksmiths providing the services are licensed and provide solutions for any lock problem for residential and commercial areas.

Reasons for Door Knobs to Become Loose

At some point in time, you have to deal with the problem of loose doorknobs at your residence or commercial area.  A loose doorknob can result in the handle being pulled away, or it may wobble when you try to open the door. To avoid further nuisance, it is better to fix the loose doorknob or handle it immediately. It is not at all difficult even to fix the doorknob, which is fallen off completely.

The main reason why doorknobs become loose is that it becomes loose over time or wobbly. Subject to the doorknob age, it builds up dust and dirt on it, and the proper functioning of the doorknob or handle is hindered. The doorknob also becomes loose if a screw is missing on the door plate or if the locking mechanism of the door handle malfunctions.

Types of Door Knobs

There are different types of doorknobs or handles available, and fixing these handles mainly depends on its design and how well it is secured to the spindle and the door. The types of door knob include exposed set screw doorknob and hidden screw doorknob. The new and screwless fastening method used these days widely is the hidden screw doorknob. The screws in this doorknob are located beneath a cosmetic faceplate.

Materials Required to Tighten Door Knob

In the case of exposed screws, the handle of the knob needs to be removed, and the screwdriver must be made use of to fix the doorknob.  The main materials and tools that are required include paperclip and screwdrivers. The screwdriver should be a Philips head and flat-head. The mounting screws can be accessed easily on lever-style handles. However, with round doorknobs, the knob must be removed to make it accessible to the screwdriver. In this case, the doorknob can be attached with a détente button or a screw set. The faceplate can then be tightened with a screwdriver.

How To Fix A Loose Door Knob? For More Info Please Give Us A Call At (347) 997-6970

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